How To Achieve A Proper Nutrition

How To Achieve A Proper Nutrition


Nothing changes without changing nutrition, says Dr. Aidin SALIH. Our elders used to say “First learn to eat, then talk about ingenuity.” There are no ways to get rid of diseases without correcting eating habits. Because in this way, the disease is treated on the one hand and fed on the other. That is why it begins with the correction of nutritional habits for the treatment of any disease. 


Overeating and not paying proper attention to proper nutrition is the thing which reveals bad morals, is the source of all diseases, makes people forget about creation, feel unhappy, and captivates their ego. Sometimes you feel great, but as soon as you change your diet, you can easily get sick. 


Ibni Sina always talks about 2 meals. He describes nutrition in his work titled “El-Kanun Fi’t-tıbb” like this; 

“Nutrition is that nutrients become similar to the body structure, as a temperament, so that the daily wear and tear in the tissue change so that they are suitable for repair.” Because of this, nutrition can be the first step of a healthy and successful life but also can be the reason for a life full of diseases and excess weights. Firstly, %40 of the food consumed in one day should be cooked (including bread) and %60 should be raw food. Secondly, eating less.

Proper Nutrition is the Basis of Health



It’s sad to say that, today in the world the main thing about eating and drinking is taste. Unfortunately, no one cares if the food is healthy or not. Honestly, this is not nutrition but just eating. In the past, a friend of mine told me about a sauce that he ate. He told me how delicious it was in every way. Whereas, some foods contain fats that will never be healthful to humans. They sauce the food with artificial flavors and present it to society. The ones who eat less, eat naturally and do not eat more than 2 times a day digest their food easily and till the end. Thus the stomach, bowels, and veins become clean, resistant, and healthy. 


Principally, we should eat fresh and natural nutrients. Do you think that nutrition is being full and being full is to fill the stomach with foods that are suitable for our taste? “The more I eat, the stronger I will be.” This is totally wrong. I think you should stop eating and start caring about your nutrition. For instance, I always mention almonds in my articles. The ORP value (the quality) of a green almond is -230. A dried almond is -80. Is -180 when soaked in water overnight. Roasted almond is +200. Double roasted almond is +400. So the garbage in the body is removed by collecting electrons in mitochondria (one of the cell organelles). The factor that makes it remove, is the aliveness of the food. Roasted almond is not alive and that’s why it constitutes garbage in the body. 


On a ship with a 1-year duty and 2000 membered crew in 1945, 111 soldiers died after 6 months. Because of not having any alive foods on that ship. No fresh vegetables and fruits, everything is canned, roasted nuts, etc. They didn’t have any fresh meat on that ship. Not even freshwater.


Body mass index

Let's say a person is 1.85 height. If this person's weight is at most 95 and at least 75 kilograms, the height and weight ratio in this lower and upper range are normal. The rest are unusual and they require treatment. That is the reason why Ibn-i Sina says "in appropriate contact with the place”. If a person is 1.85 height and 110 weight, that means that person’s sick. Our body needs food just like an engine needs fuel. If the owner supplies the engine with the wrong fuel, it will destroy it in a short time and render it inoperable. The same thing happens if we feed our body with the wrong foods. Therefore, nutrition can be not only the beginning of a healthy and successful life but also the first step of making life unbearable with troubles and diseases. For this reason, old doctors considered the issue of nutrition for their patients as one of the most basic issues.

What if what we eat become a nightmare for us;



The ones that eat less, right, and move regularly are the ones who die without losing their health and without severe illness. 


Unfortunately, what we eat today is food that has played in its nature. For example, all the food we eat from the fast-food stores is way too cheap even though they have meat in them. We can not be sure if they are real meat or not. People think that they live a healthy life. When we look at the recent deaths, people die as a result of severe illness.