How To Lose Weight

How To Lose Weight

Whenever the question “How can I lose weight?” comes up, most of the people say, “Eat less, workout, don’t eat late-night snacks” etc. Let’s say that someone is 1.85 height. If this person's weight is at most 95 and at least 75 kilograms, the height and weight ratio in this lower and upper range is normal. The rest are unusual and they require treatment. That is the reason why Ibn-i Sina says "in appropriate contact with the place”. If a person is 1.85 height and 110 weight, that means that person’s sick. Majority of the doctors say that obesity is a disease. The number of obese is increasing rapidly. It has become an epidemic. It also brings so many illnesses with it. The weight that the obese people have are deforming their skeleton. Even 1 kg gives a lot of damage to the knees. In the upcoming ages, they’ll start to see the difficulties of obesity. 


Unlike what written down above, Alternative Medicine will come up with a contradictory article today. What makes you gain weight? The reason why you are gaining weight is your FEARS. Our body accumulates walls and oils between the skin and the muscle to defend ourselves and protect us from external effects whenever we are scared. In order to accumulate these protection walls, one can eat too much, eat unbalanced, or go out of proper nutrition and harm themselves. People always come up to me with a reproof like this: I eat less, walk daily, pay attention to whatever I do, but I cannot lose weight. But not all of the things you do can be useful without overcoming fear and the need for asylum. You can lose weight for plenty of time but you will gain it soon or later. If we can overcome this issue we can move on with the part which is “eating less and working out”.


Eating Alive Food




When you start to feel more confident and say “I can stand on my own feet, life is much more beautiful than I used to think” you also will start to settle the thought of there’s nothing to fear for. Now, here are the answers to the questions that will come up to your mind after overcoming the fear. “What and how should I eat?” 


*Principally, we should eat fresh and natural nutrients. Do you think that nutrition is being full and being full is to fill the stomach with foods which are suitable for our taste? “The more I eat, the stronger I will be.” This is totally wrong. I think you should stop eating and start caring about your nutrition. For instance, I always mention almonds in my articles. The ORP value (the quality) of a green almond is -230. A dried almond is -80. Is -180 when soaked in water overnight. Roasted almond is +200. Double roasted almond is +400. So the garbage in the body is removed by collecting electrons in a mitochondria (one of the cell organelles). The factor that makes it remove, is the aliveness of the food. Roasted almond is not alive and that’s why it constitutes garbage in the body. 

On a ship with a 1-year duty and 2000 membered crew in 1945, 111 soldiers died after 6 months. Because of not having any alive foods on that ship. No fresh vegetables and fruits, everything is canned, roasted nuts etc. They didn’t have any fresh meat on that ship. Not even freshwater. 

You can not lose weight without changing your diet and the wrong lifestyle. The weight you lost in a short time will be regained in a short time too. You shouldn’t be rushing while trying to lose weight. At first, you will believe in yourself that you can lose weight. And also you must be aware that your digestive system should work well. Exercise regularly for half an hour 3-4 times a week. Make your breakfast healthy.


Aidin SALIH's “True Medicine” book addresses some points in the obesity section.

*The genetics of foods associated with living food must not be changed.

*Quality water should be drunk. Because water suppresses appetite. It begins to dissolve the excess of the body. Drinking too much water makes it very difficult to lose weight.

*It is necessary to stay away from refined salt, sugar, tomato paste, white bread, and any kind of drinks with preservatives.

*Raw fruit and vegetables must be eaten at a meal of the day.

*Treatment of the stomach and intestines must be done.

*Liver cleansing should be done.

*Not wearing any clothes in which have synthetic fabrics should be taken into account. It complicates the weakening by mixing the energy flow in the body. We should wear 100% Cotton, linen, wool, silk.

*In order not to eat too much, it is necessary to chew the food very much. (One may not be sated with a loaf of bread by chewing little. On the other hand, another one may over-chew a quarter of bread and sated properly.) Also, a wide variety of food just in a meal spoils the digestion. 

*Thyroid distress should be cured.

*Cupping treatment should be started immediately.

*Dinner should be eaten no later than 18.00. If possible, 2 meals are enough for a day. After 21.00, nothing should be eaten. Because it'll become garbage. Only sugar-free herbal tea can be drunk.

*Food shouldn't be eaten frequently. It must be at least 5 hours between meals.

*Almonds that are not roasted help to lose weight.


Genetically modified products spread very rapidly in the world in 1993. In parallel, obesity has become widespread.